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Publicerad 8 Oktober 2015 av Serendipity i kategorin Tävlingar  • 

Greetings summoners of the nordic region!

Today we have the pleasure to announce a new installment of the Series "Qpad King of Nordic", for League of Legends! King of Nordic is a live series produced by ESEN (Electronic Sports Entertainment Nordic) on twitch, with a king of the hill-format inspired scandinavian battle! The winner of the broadcast event will carry over to the next finals, and the stakes are high!

Coupled together with these broadcasts, qualifiers for each of the nations will fill the role of letting anyone have a chance to qualify for the weekly broadcasts on Wednesday evenings to compete for the glory of their respective country.

The prizes will follow an accumulative ladder, which means that the longer your team manages to stay King of Nordic, the better the prizes you'll be getting! The ladder consists of the following prizes:

1st 250 USD (5pcs QPAD FX90)

2nd 250 USD (5kpl QPAD 8K Gaming mouse)

3rd 250 USD  (TBA)

4th 250 USD (5kpl QPAD QH-90)

5th 250 USD (5kpl MK-90)

6th 250 USD (TBA)

7th 250 USD (TBA)

8th 250 USD

9th 250 USD

10th 250 USD

2 week qualifier and broadcast break.

11th 250 USD

12th 250 USD

The rules thereby dictate that if your team loses in the finals after having won the first week, you'll get the first prize on the ladder if you win the next week!

If that was not enough, King of Nordic will also be able to offer 3200 RP and the "Triumphant Ryze" skin for each member of a team that qualifies to the weekly broadcast thanks to Riot Games. Hooray!

Live from the ESEN-studio in Stockholm, Sang Lee and Lukasz Sumbor will guide us through the matches with their intense passion for League.

Publiclir will also be doing giveaways in celebration of the first season of KoN:LoL, so be sure to check out your local facebook community group for more info regarding that! So be sure to go to the individual cup page and sign your team up to get a chance to represent your country, and become the king of nordic!

Sweden: http://www.publiclir.se/cups/cup/7fa7f11e-2b0f-492d-bdc1-1aeeaa7e77ec

Instructions on how to create a team and sign up for a tournament

- Sign up to become a member on Publiclir (You have to choose your country otherwise you will be denied to play in the tournament by our system). You will get access to your account instantly if you are from Finland, Denmark or Norway (if you are Swedish it generally takes about 20 minutes).

- Log in to your Publiclir account, create a team by clicking on the tournament link or go to "Play" -> "teams" -> "create team".

- All 5 players must be a part of the team, to join a team you search for the team name in the search function, then apply to join the team.

- When all 5 players have joined the team you will be able to apply for the tournament on the tournament page, there will be a big blue button that states "Apply to cup". (it is possible to sign up 2 extra stand-ins, 7 in total for a tournament).